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The Fiduciary Rule

This new regulation, issued by the Department of Labor, is meant to raise the bar on the level of advice you’ll be getting for your retirement investments. The rule requires financial professions of all types, including brokers, financial advisors or wealth managers, to act as a fiduciary-- meaning they must act in the best interest of their clients.

At MDX Wealth Management, we have always dedicated ourselves solely to serving our clients' interest. This starts with an in depth review of each of our client's individual needs, after which we construct a customized portfolio to address those needs. In addition, we offer continuous management of the portfolio to address changes in the market or changes in our client's investment goals. We offer a wide range of investment products from stocks, mutual funds and bonds to insurance products.  

We take great care in implementing practices that reduce risks for our clients. We maintain transparency and oversight without conflicts of interest. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, and we believe that the most basic building block of that relationship is trust. We believe the key to earning your trust is to affirm our commitment to put the interests of our clients ahead of our own interests, refrain from profiting at the expense of our clients, and treat all of our clients fairly and equally.

In order to align our interests with those of an IRA customer or retirement plan, we acknowledge the fiduciary status of both MDX Wealth and our advisors. This means that both MDX Wealth and our advisors must adhere to basic standards of impartial conduct, including giving prudent advice that is in the customer's best interest, avoiding making misleading statements, and receiving no more than reasonable compensation. In addition, MDX Wealth has established policies and procedures designed to mitigate harmful impacts of conflicts of interest and we disclose basic information about any existing conflicts of interest and the cost of our services to our clients. MDX Wealth does not and will not give its advisors financial incentives to make recommendations that are not in the customer's best interest.

We believe that adhering to fundamental standards of fiduciary conduct and fair dealing with our clients is just the starting point for a successful relationship between MDX Wealth and our clients.


At MDX Wealth Management, we have the strength, vision, and focus needed for success. 

We combine the strength and resources of a large Investment Advisory firm with the small-company feel of an independent, boutique firm.

We believe this combination serves our clients well.

Our patient outlook on the markets drives our longer-term perspective on our business.

It is this patience, and our broad capabilities that allow us to address a wide range of investment needs and foster innovative long term solutions. 

Once we get to know our clients, and truly understand their needs, we may then customize carefully targeted investment solutions focused specifically for them. 

Strategic Alliances

We value our partners and hold them to the same standards as we hold ourselves.

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The MDX Wealth Process

Learn how we work with clients in formulating and implementing your focused financial plan.

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Our Professionals

We have a combined 130 years of experience, 4 MBA’s, and a CFA working for you.

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Our Commitment to You

At MDX Wealth Management, we treat our clients with integrity and respect at all times.

We believe that we have a responsibility to our clients to communicate openly and honestly.

Our firm is committed to listening to your needs and concerns, then formulating effective strategies to address those concerns.



Knowledge is power, and we believe in careful research before we invest. 

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